pink n blue tinted shred stick supBallis-Tech n Flax Nino SUP

Here at Earth Technologies (formerly E-Tech) we have just launched a unique Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) brand. This is the home of H2SUP. Just in time for summer, the busiest season in the industry. Our unique ‘Sustainable Upright Paddleboards’ are built 100% locally in Southern California and feature the latest in eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

The boards’ outer layer exclusively uses Entropy Resins’ Super Sap (a USDA certified bio-based resin) and a new technology (by Connora Technologies) that will allow production waste (and the board at end-of-life) to be 100% recyclable. Meanwhile, the board cores use post-consumer recycled and/or 100% recyclable eps foam cores made by Marko Foam. Additionally, the boards feature multiple sustainable reinforcement materials such as organic Flax composites, cellulose based fiberglass, and a variety of sustainably sourced and upcycled wood veneers. H2SUP offers a domestically produced, and eco-conscious option to the predominantly overseas built SUPs in the market today.

Our initial line features 7 different models. The boards will feature complex designs by lead shaper, and Earth Technologies co-founder Ry Harris. Harris’s designs are inspired by ‘sacred geometry’ and ‘volume displacement theory’. Harris is a veteran board builder of over 15 years, and a known pioneer in the green board building movement.

Almond Glider Green SUP